Organizing Committee

The Rusmet Group of Companies was founded in 1997. The co-founders are the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (Technological University) and individuals.


The specialization:

                     from 1997  metallurgy;

                     from 2006 metallurgy, oil products;

                     from 2007 metallurgy, oil products; cement and building materials;

                     from 2009 metallurgy, oil products; cement and building materials; grain, aerospace industry.


Business directions


Market research and analysis, consulting, websites development and maintenance: metallurgy, more than 120 000 visitors monthly;  cement and building materials, more than 20 000 visitors monthly; grain, from April 2009 estimated monthly visitors number is 20 000.


International events in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, EU, Turkey, UAE, China, India, and Iran.

Organization of International conferences, seminars and exhibitions in Russia and abroad for real sector of economy. The total yearly number of the conferences participants is 4000.



Development of CRM, corporate websites and informational systems, hosting.



Personnel selection for Russian and foreign companies (top managers, managers, technical specialists, trade specialists). Corporate educational programs.



Foundation of three non-profit associations:

         scrap metals market - Recyclable Materials Association;

         stainless and special steels market - Spetsstal Association;

         cement market - Cement Suppliers and Consumers Association.


Rusmets conferences: what for?

1. To work with eyes open and to have fresh ideas.

If you have never took part in conferences, you may ask: What for? We would answer: Just close your eyes and you will stay alone with your inner world. Thus you may reach the harmony but at that you have to live in a monastery closed from external influences and people, and, what is the most important, from lots of information which is available for others!

Imagine that your company is your inner world. It means much for you. Can you afford being with closed eyes when you have to survive every day?

At a conference you will meet your competitors and potential business partners - all who live with open eyes. These are successful companies. You will get an extraordinary opportunity to hold dozens of negotiations in short period, and to meet your peers, the people who have the same problems as you. And it is up to you what part of your inner world to show to them. You do not have to come and to teach the others how to run business. But you may come and share what you can share and to learn the answers you have been searching for long.

If you have already took part in many conferences and think that there is nothing new for you, just stop and ask yourself if you are sure that you know everything? Are you really so confident? Did you forecast the global economy crisis which led to great losses? What to expect tomorrow?

At Rusmets conference you may meet lots of companies including young and developing. Thus, even having great experience and business relations, you will find new fresh ideas.


2. Time and resources economy for negotiations.

It is easy to estimate: to hold negotiations with one company takes much time. You will need min. 3 days apart of material resources. A conference gathers together the representatives of many companies. To hold negotiations with several companies you do not have to spend weeks for traveling but you have to make some steps only.


3. The most important thing.

The most important thing is that a conference is a kind of membership club. Let us entitle it: for those who are in grain business. Come to the conference, meet each other and please remember that it is better to know your competitor personally!  We want to give you the opportunity to open something new for you!


Among recent events were the following
6-8 August 2009, International Supplies of Russian Grain of 2009 Crop to Turkey, Egypt, and Middle East Countries Seminar, Don-Plaza hotel, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

15 July 2009, "Motor Oil and Autochemicals Market - 2009" seminar, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel, Moscow, Russia.

16 June 2009, International Stainless Steel Summit 2009, Holiday Inn Suschevskiy Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

27-29 April 2009, International GRAIN-IMPORT. Grain supplies from Russia to Turkey and Middle East countries in 2009-2010 Seminar, Surmeli hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo report.

23 April 2009, 2nd International Kazakhstan Metallurgical Conference-2009, Hyatt Regency Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Photo report.

24-25 February 2009, 5th International Ferrous & and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal 2009 Forum, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel, Moscow, Russia. Photo report.

29-30 January 2009, 4th International Galvanized & Coated Steel 2009 conference, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia.  Photo report.

12 November 2008, International ICSF-2008: Russia and Global Market of Metallurgical Raw Materials, Holiday Inn Lesnaya hotel in Moscow, Russia. Photo report.

23-24 September 2008, Price forecast for rolled metal products, tubes, and ferrous metal scrap. Marketing in metallurgy and metal trade Practical Seminar, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Moscow, Russia. Photo report.

28-30 September 2008, International Southern Gate of Russia - 2008" seminar,  Don-Plaza Hotel, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Photo report.

17 July 2008, R-Cem Moscow. Moscow Market of Cement, Concrete, and Sandpractical seminar, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel, Moscow, Russia. Photo report.

20-22 May 2008, 4th International Cement Trade Seminar, Sheraton Voyager hotel,  Antalya, Turkey. Photo report.

20-22 April 2008, International Steel, Cement, And Construction. Middle East And North Africa-2008 conference, Le-Royal Meridien hotel, Dubai, UAE. Photo report.

2-3 April 2008, 1st International Kazakhstan Metallurgical Conference-2008, Astana, Kazakhstan. Photo report.

24-25 March 2008, 3rd International Modernization of Russian Metallurgy Complex conference, Radisson SAS Slavyanskay hotel, Moscow, Russia.


Tel./Fax +7 495 9800608, Office 45, 7 bld. 1, Koroviy val, 119049 Moscow, Russia.


The Head of the Rusmet Group is Victor Kovshevny.

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finance partner

Slavyanski Bank


DARS Consulting

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